What are the cons of living on the Gold Coast? (2024)

What are the cons of living on the Gold Coast?

Thanks to the sunny weather, palm trees, and glorious beaches, life on the Gold Coast feels like a never-ending holiday. You'll find that the pace of life here is slower than in other major cities, and the friendly locals love to stop and have a chat.

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Is it worth living in the Gold Coast?

Thanks to the sunny weather, palm trees, and glorious beaches, life on the Gold Coast feels like a never-ending holiday. You'll find that the pace of life here is slower than in other major cities, and the friendly locals love to stop and have a chat.

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Is it safe to live in Gold Coast?

The Gold Coast is a safe place, but crime can still occur. When we feel safe, we are more confident and active, which makes it easier to connect with our community. By being alert and vigilant of our surroundings, we can reduce our chances of becoming a victim of crime.

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What do I need to know before moving to Gold Coast?

10 Things I Wish I'd Known Before Moving to The Gold Coast
  • Bring a hat!
  • Be prepared to swim.
  • Make the most of nature and meet some local wildlife.
  • Embrace the diverse and welcoming community.
  • There are free social clubs.
  • Explore the north and the south.
  • There are music festivals all year round.
Aug 23, 2023

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Is it cheap to live on the Gold Coast?

Census reveals Gold Coast one of most expensive places to live amid growing population, rental stress. The Gold Coast is one of the most expensive places to rent in Australia, according to new census data.

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How much money do you need to live comfortably in Gold Coast?

As a general guide, you'll need about $21,000-30,000 to cover living expenses for one year. This equates to roughly $625 per week or $2500 per month.

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What is the average house price in Gold Coast?

Now, the median price for a house has hit $945,000 on the Gold Coast and $970,000 on the Sunshine Coast; that's at least $143,500 more than the median cost of a house in Brisbane, and edging closer to the median price of a house in Melbourne.

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Where to avoid in Gold Coast?

Gold Coast suburbs with highest crime rate
  • Broadbeach. Broadbeach is known for its restaurants, cafes and vibrant nightlife and is popular with tourists due to its proximity to Surfers Paradise. ...
  • Surfers Paradise. ...
  • Southport. ...
  • Broadbeach Waters. ...
  • Main Beach. ...
  • Coolangatta. ...
  • Burleigh Heads. ...
  • Molendinar.
May 11, 2023

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Does Gold Coast get bad weather?

While the Gold Coast is renowned for its sunny weather, the city is still vulnerable to severe floods, storms, bushfires, cyclones and heat waves.

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Is Gold Coast good for retirees?

For retirees, the Gold Coast is quickly becoming a favoured destination, and it's easy to see why. From beachfront apartments to hinterland retirement villages or over 55 living, the Gold Coast's all year round warm climate is a dream for anyone looking to enjoy beachside relaxation in their twilight years.

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Is it worth buying an apartment in Gold Coast?

The Gold Coast has been seeing extremely high rental property yields for investors. According to SQM Research, apartments and other similar units report a yield of about 5.8%. This can be compared to the housing yield, which is still considered progressive, but lower than apartments at 4.5% and 4.7%.

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Why are people moving to Gold Coast?

The most prominent edge Gold Coast has over other bigger cities is affordability. Compared to living in state capitals, the Gold Coast is a highly affordable place to grow your roots in. With low-cost and efficient public transport and family-friendly activities, the Gold Coast is a budget-friendly choice.

What are the cons of living on the Gold Coast? (2024)

Do I need a car to get around Gold Coast?

The Gold Coast boasts a well-connected transportation system that makes exploring the area convenient and enjoyable. You have various options available, such as renting bicycles or cars, as well as taking trains, buses, and trams.

How much is the average apartment in Gold Coast?

The median listing price for units is $699,000 and this has changed 10.95% over the past year. The average unit takes NA days to sell and the median rent for a unit in Gold Coast is $620 per week, producing a rental yield of 4.61%.

Are the houses expensive in the Gold Coast?

The median house price on the Gold Coast is around $820,000, but some suburbs like Broadbeach, Surfers Paradise, and Mermaid Beach have much higher median house prices.

Where do millionaires live Gold Coast?

The most expensive suburb on the Gold Coast and nudging the $3m mark is Mermaid Beach with a median of $2.8m. The suburb has long held the crown in the city with beachfront mega mansions pushing up prices. Surfers Paradise came in second at $2.7m, while Broadbeach Waters rounded out the top three at $1.9135m.

What is the lifestyle in the Gold Coast?

Host of the 2018 Commonwealth Games , the Gold Coast is home to world-class sporting facilities. This, as well as an abundance of sporting clubs, walking and cycling tracks, combined with a year-round subtropical climate, makes the Gold Coast ideal for an active lifestyle.

What is the average age in the Gold Coast?

The median age of people in Gold Coast was 39 years. Children aged 0 - 14 years made up 18.2% of the population and people aged 65 years and over made up 16.5% of the population.

Where is the best place to live on the Gold Coast?

The best suburbs on the Gold Coast can vary depending on your family preferences, lifestyle, and budget. Some serious research will undoubtedly assist you to make the best choice for your loved ones and yourself. Some popular choices include Broadbeach, Surfers Paradise, Mermaid Beach, Burleigh Heads, and Southport.

Is it cheaper to live in Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast?

Generally-speaking, property prices in the Sunshine Coast tend to be more affordable than other major cities in Australia, such as Sydney and Melbourne. When it comes to cost of living in the Sunshine Coast, compared to its counterpart – the Gold Coast – the Sunshine Coast wins again.

Can foreigners buy property in Gold Coast?

Foreigners, or non-residents, must apply for approval to buy Australian property with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

What type of houses are in Gold Coast?

Duplexes, villas, townhouses – call them what you like – they are scattered throughout the beachside and Broadwater districts of the Gold Coast. As with all styles of residences, it just comes down to the locality and quality of the property you seek.

What is crime like in Gold Coast?

When looking at the crimes rates, this takes into account 'all' reported crimes in an area over a 12-month period and is calculated per 1,000 residents. The Gold Coast as a whole has a reported crimes' rate of 70.6 offences per '000 population. Crimes include all matter of reported crimes, major and minor.

Where not to live in Queensland?

Fortitude Valley, Bowen Hills, Herston and Newstead have been ranked some of Brisbane's most dangerous suburbs.

Is the Gold Coast full of bogans?

The Gold Coast has transformed over the past 20 years and looked to shed its reputation as being a playground for bogans, backpackers and schoolies.


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