What is the best month to visit the Gold Coast? (2024)

What is the best month to visit the Gold Coast?

Autumn on the Gold Coast

How many days is enough for Gold Coast?

We recommend spending at least five days on the Gold Coast, as this will allow you to experience the city and its wondrous surroundings with ease. So, what are some of the awesome things you can do in this beloved travel gem over five days?

What are the seasons in Gold Coast?

Weather on the Gold Coast
  • Summer (December – February) During summer the average temperature is a pleasant 21 - 28.4°C (69.8 - 83.1°F). ...
  • Autumn (March – May) ...
  • Winter (June – August) ...
  • Spring (September – November)

What is the rainy season in Gold Coast?

The Gold Coast averages 245 days of fine and sunny weather each year, and those rainy-day exceptions typically fall in the summer period (December - February).

When not to go to the Gold Coast?

End of January and most of February is the time when humidity is high, and the region sees a lot of rainfall. Also, in the peak winter months of June to August, while the days are sunny, temperatures drop to as low as 11-12 degrees.

What is the coldest month on the Gold Coast?

July. July is the coldest month of the year. Even in the heart of winter, the average Gold Coast July temperature offers a balmy maximum of 20°C with a minimum of 9°C in the mornings and evenings.

Is Gold Coast expensive?

Census reveals Gold Coast one of most expensive places to live amid growing population, rental stress. The Gold Coast is one of the most expensive places to rent in Australia, according to new census data.

Is Gold Coast worth going?

A melting pot of picturesque beaches, unspoiled national parks, countless dining options and plenty of adventure for the kids, it's no surprise that the Gold Coast remains one of the most popular holiday destinations in Australia.

What is the hottest month on the Gold Coast?

January is the hottest month in Gold Coast with an average temperature of 25°C (77°F) and the coldest is July at 15°C (59°F) with the most daily sunshine hours at 9 in December.

Is October a good time to visit Gold Coast?

October is one of the best times of the year to visit the Gold Coast. With summer just around the corner, the weather is heating up. This makes October the perfect time to enjoy the fantastic outdoor activities that the Gold Coast has to offer.

Is August a good time to visit Gold Coast?

During August, expect sublime weather with average temperatures ranging from 10°C-21°C. Typically, the weather in August is clear and warm during the day and slightly cooler during the nights. There is very little chance of rain, which means it's the perfect time to get out and explore the best of the Gold Coast.

What is the shortest day of the year in the Gold Coast?

The summer solstice usually occurs on 22 December, but can occur between 21 and 23 December. The winter solstice is the day of the year that has the least daylight hours of any in the year and usually occurs on 22 June but can occur between 21 and 23 June.

Is July a good time to visit Gold Coast?

Average Gold Coast temperatures range from 9°C-20°C in July, which is quite sublime, no matter where you're visiting from. Our great weather makes July the perfect time to explore the beauty of the Gold Coast and the hinterland.

What is the weather like in the Gold Coast in May 2023?

You can expect sunny days followed by cooler nights with average temperatures between 14 – 24°C. The average sea temperature is around 21°C.

What to do on the Gold Coast when it's raining?

Ten ways to spend a rainy day on the Gold Coast (lifesaver!)
  1. Indoor Rock Climbing. Whether you're a novice or a pro, indoor rock climbing is a fantastic rainy day activity. ...
  2. Cooking Class. ...
  3. Gold Coast Art Centre. ...
  4. Black Coffee Lyrics and Cards. ...
  5. Fox & Hounds Country Inn. ...
  6. Me Time. ...
  7. Indoor Go Karting. ...
  8. Ten Pin Bowling.

Where to avoid in Gold Coast?

Gold Coast suburbs with highest crime rate
  • Broadbeach. Broadbeach is known for its restaurants, cafes and vibrant nightlife and is popular with tourists due to its proximity to Surfers Paradise. ...
  • Surfers Paradise. ...
  • Southport. ...
  • Broadbeach Waters. ...
  • Main Beach. ...
  • Coolangatta. ...
  • Burleigh Heads. ...
  • Molendinar.
May 11, 2023

Do you need a car to travel around Gold Coast?

The Gold Coast boasts a well-connected transportation system that makes exploring the area convenient and enjoyable. You have various options available, such as renting bicycles or cars, as well as taking trains, buses, and trams.

Why is Gold Coast famous?

The Gold Coast is one of Australia's premier holiday destinations. Famous for its surf breaks, stunning beaches, theme parks, shopping, nightlife and hinterland, it has been attracting Australian families for many decades.

Does Gold Coast get bad weather?

While the Gold Coast is renowned for its sunny weather, the city is still vulnerable to severe floods, storms, bushfires, cyclones and heat waves.

Is it worth going to Gold Coast in winter?

Wonderful Weather

The Gold Coast is blessed with beautiful weather all year round, but Gold Coast in winter is definitely the best time to visit.

Should I go to Sydney or Gold Coast?

If visiting the big city of Sydney for its obvious other attractions is not a priority, then I would opt for the Gold Coast. From there if weather conditions are unfavourable, its possible to head south an hour or two by car to some of the best beaches in Australia.

What is the most expensive part of the Gold Coast?

Surfers Paradise and Mermaid Beach are by far the most expensive suburbs on the Gold Coast.

What is the most popular beach on the Gold Coast?

One of the most famous beaches on the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise Beach offers two kilometres (1.25 miles) of golden sand and rolling surf. It's in the centre of the action, with great al fresco dining, night markets and towering beachside accommodation.

How safe is Gold Coast?

The Gold Coast is a safe place, but crime can still occur. When we feel safe, we are more confident and active, which makes it easier to connect with our community. By being alert and vigilant of our surroundings, we can reduce our chances of becoming a victim of crime.

How to travel the Gold Coast on a budget?

Read on for our best budget-saving tips.
  1. Soak up the sights and sounds of Surfers Paradise. ...
  2. Enjoy the Gold Coast's best beaches. ...
  3. Hike through the hinterland. ...
  4. Get an adrenaline fix. ...
  5. Plan a picnic on Burleigh Hill. ...
  6. Binge on budget-friendly bites. ...
  7. Troll for treasures at the markets. ...
  8. Hit up the Gold Coast clubs.


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